Lesson Availability and Rates           Gift Certificates Available

Rates for Instruction
$70 for 1/2 Hour lesson
$125 for 1 Hour lesson
$210 for 3 - 1/2 hour lessons
$375 for 3 - 1 hour lessons
$350 for Series of 6 - 1/2 hour lessons
$600 for Series of 6 -1 Hour lessons


Lesson Availability

Tues - Friday 7am - 4pm

Sundays 7am - 1pm

Playing lessons
$300 - 18 holes green fee not included
$200 -9 holes green fee not included
I’ve often been asked, “What do you get out of a golf course playing lesson and is it worth it?”  My response to that is, it’s more important than having three or four lessons just on the driving range.  If you’re struggling to improve your scores and don’t understand why they’re not budging, then by having myself evaluate your on course performance can make a huge difference in improving your scores.
When I have a playing lesson with one of my students, I keep track of their stats. 
I want to know if on each hole they miss the fairway, whether there is a pattern to where they miss?  If they miss the green, did they short side themselves, making it more difficult to get up and down?  Are they three putting because the proximity to the hole isn’t close when they do hit the green?