Interested in a quick & easy way to learn more about your golf swing?  Try our online video analysis!

How Do I Send My Videos?

Send them via text or email.    619-742-8729 or

Send in two short swing videos, one with the driver and the other a mid iron, each clip should be no longer than a few seconds using your smart phone or tablet.

How Do I Record My Videos?

Successfully recording your video is key to getting the most benefit. It helps to show two views. One “Face On” (recorded from the side – even with the golf club), Driver or mid-iron.   One “Down the line” (recorded from behind the hitter), Driver or mid-iron and a (close-up pic of your grip).

What Do I Receive Back?

Mike Nokes,  a PGA Teaching Professional for 23 years will study your video and reply with his review of your swing within 48 hours . Your digital coach will  send his analysis to you via email or text with a voice-over video analysis.  Have more questions? Call us. We’re always happy to talk golf!

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